Homestead Exemption

Oklahoma law allows the owner(s) of a residential real estate property to file for and receive a Homestead Exemption on that property if they were the owners of record on January 1st and are living in the property.

In addition, the Homestead Exemption also establishes a legal record of Homestead for a residence which provides some legal protection from creditors. In most cases, having the Homestead Exemption will also save a homeowner $85-$136 per year in taxes.

You have until March 15th, 2019 to file for Homestead Exemption for 2019. If you have already filed for the Homestead Exemption on your current residence, you do NOT need to file again. Contact us if you have questions about the Homestead Exemption!

Below are some online resources for county assessors to help you determine if you already have the Homestead Exemption, or if you still need to file for it. Some of the sites are searchable and can allow to you file online, while others will give you the information you need to call and request or mail in your Homestead Exemption form. It all depends on the county!

Tulsa County Assessor

Wagoner County Assessor

Creek County Assessor

Rogers County Assessor

Osage County Assessor

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