Operation Christmas Child

The McGuire Cooley Team has a strong commitment to making our world a better place. This means we are involved in multiple charitable organizations, both individually and as a team. One of our fellow Coldwell Banker Select’s agents, Bonnie Baker, takes on the enormous project each year of stuffing shoeboxes to send to children around the world who otherwise would not experience Christmas gifts. Bonnie has participated in Operation Christmas Child for a long time. She started years ago participating by stuffing just a few boxes and sending them herself, and she has grown it to the massive production it is now with the help of her fellow Coldwell Banker Select agents. Earlier in the month Deborah and Jessica helped with the annual bake sale that raises money for shipping, and today, members of the McGuire Cooley Team helped a huge crew of Coldwell Banker Select agents to pack boxes and write notes to 1056 children, a record number! We are so incredibly grateful to be a part of something bigger than ourselves!


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