Oklahoma Primary Is June 26th

Go Vote

Oklahoma voters, our 2018 primary is June 26th!  Remember that in Oklahoma, in a primary you can only vote for candidates who are running in the party you are registered under. (Currently, registered Independents are allowed to vote in the Democrat’s primary but not the Republican’s). There is also one state question on the ballot next week, State Question 788 (Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative). We encourage you to do your civic duty and research your candidates and state questions before voting! If you’ve recently moved, be sure to run by a post office or tag agency to fill out a new voter registration form so you can vote for candidates that will impact your neighborhood. Deadlines have passed for this election, but you have plenty of time before the general election.

The really handy link below will take you to the election board and does the following:

***Election Board Voter Search***

  • Allow you to confirm your voter registration
  • Replace a voter registration card
  • Show you your polling place
  • Show you your school district and voting ward
  • Allow you to print off a pdf of an example of what your ballot will look like

Print off your example ballot to know who you’ll be allowed to vote for in the primary!


The next link below will take you to a non-partisan website that lists all the confirmed candidates and gives links to their websites – it’s a great source!

***Politics1 – List of Candidates***


Another useful source is OKpolicy.org, which is an independent, non-partisan source to learn more about the election process, state questions and get information on upcoming elections.




Be informed, prepared and aware! Go VOTE!

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